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Modern sports operations set high economic standards. Accordingly, organizations involved in sports often need to identify potential partners for innovative external financing.

Whether sponsorship brokerage or investment management: TEAMVISION brings together enterprises and their brands, rights holders in sports and investors. We have direct access to decision makers. Together with cooperation partners, we are able to generate investor capital and structure it into financing forms suitable for professional sports – subject to compliance with applicable legal frameworks and regulatory limits.

In international cycling, TEAMVISION offers independent access to the complete sponsorship rights basket, be it agreements with teams, race organizers or federations. As a specialist in this discipline, TEAMVISION provides a KPI-optimized entry into future partnerships. We accompany the entire negotiation process and support the design of sponsoring architectures. We sensitize rights holders with regard to marketing, sales and evaluation goals defined by the sponsor.


Here is a selection of cases in which we have been actively involved in recent years.