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TMVSN represents Berlin’s skateboarder Denny Pham.

Four wheels, a board and a pretty cool character. With a skateboard under his feet, Denny attacks the asphalt of the capital – and very impressively at that. The 28-year-old has been successfully participating in the international skateboard scene for years. His long-term goal? The Olympic Games 2021 in Tokyo, where skateboarding will take place under the symbol of the five rings for the first time.

But not only does Denny look good on a skateboard – soon the native Rostocker will have up to 30,000 followers in his fan community. With his intelligence, he is a coveted face for shootings of all kinds. It’s no coincidence renowned brands like Nike SB, Huawei, SKATEDELUXE, Nixon and others value Denny’s skating and modeling qualities. As an enthusiastic hobby filmmaker, he also likes to stand behind the camera.

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